Ease That Eczema Itch

Whether mild itchy patches that are worse when teething, to infected and inflamed full-body break-outs, eczema can be difficult to clear, and causes unmitigated suffering. But by arming yourself with a sound understanding of the disease and an adept healthcare...

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Deaf & Determined: A Single Father Shares His Story

Deaf & Determined: A Single Father Shares His Story Q and A with Nenio Mbazima Tell us a about Nenio Mbazima, what is your story? When I was 10 years old, I had meningitis, which left me deaf. You will find it strange that I’m glad that I became deaf, but most...

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Brothers By Laura le Roux Growing up, it was just my brother and me, and we fought… a lot. In fact, we spent most of our childhood fighting with each other. Once we had both left school, the playing field levelled somewhat and our bond strengthened and we became...

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I Worry

I worry By Melinda Connor I remember the excitement of finding out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. I also remember the day I lost the baby. It was 11 weeks into the pregnancy and I had gone for a scan. I remember asking the doctor to turn the volume up because I...

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The Birth Day That Changed A Birthday Forever

The Birth Day That Changed A Birthday Forever By Cindy Alfino It’s not all that common to wake up on the morning of your birthday and think of someone else’s birthday instead. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume that when given the choice, most people would try to...

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