Milestones – what’s all the fuss about?

“My baby walked at 9 months” and “My baby talked at 12 months”, “My baby uses our iPad” and “My baby can build a 9-piece puzzle at 15 months” are conversations that leave many a mom feeling incompetent and silently doubting her own baby’s intelligence when she...

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Modern Moms with a Traditional Twist

Bridging the gap between modern and traditional parenting practices is a struggle that many South Africans face when they bring a child into the world. New parents are caught between the decision to honour their family customs and expectations, or to raise their...

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The First Tooth

The appearance of pearly white enamel peeping through your baby’s gum is a cause for great excitement. However, this eagerly-awaited event is often dreaded by parents who’ve been warned about all the downsides of teething. Rest assured, here’s what your dentist wants...

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Back to work tips

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience, with many gifts among the challenges. Fortunately there is often readily available support for the new mom – and dad – such as books, support groups and forums to give advice. Going back to work is another transition,...

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7 Steps to Healthy, Happy Ears

As hearing is one of our five senses, it’s critically important that we take proper care of it. Babies and toddlers can’t always communicate that they have hearing trouble, so it’s vital that moms regularly check and always protect their children’s ears and hearing....

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Step Away From My Baby and Put Down That Banana

Step Away From My Baby and Put Down That Banana By Chris Forrest Something that has always struck me as strange about the whole having-a-baby thing is how you lose your right to dignity and personal space. Suddenly it seems that the mom, baby and, in some cases, the...

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