Trend Update: #Treeoflife

by | Jun 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Sharing breastfeeding selfies, AKA brelfies, on social media has become popular amongst nursing moms. The last year in particular has seen a deluge of brelfies in a bid to encourage moms to breastfeed their babies. Even celebrities such as actress Olivia Wilde and singer Gwen Stefani have snapped shots of themselves breastfeeding and posted them online. Now, a new brelfie trend is emerging. “Tree of life” brelfies transform simple breastfeeding selfies into works of art that emphasise just how important the process of breastfeeding your baby is.

To get the perfect #treeoflife brelfie, moms use the photo-editing app PicsArt to insert the image of a tree of life between their breast and baby in their breastfeeding pictures. In these beautiful images, the roots of the tree can be seen in the mother’s breasts, with the tree trunk and branches spreading out into the mouth of the child. These images capture the true beauty of a breastfeeding mother by showing a graphic representation of the nourishment that each mother provides to her child through the milk flowing between them. These pictures emphasise the bond that is shared between a mother and her child – celebrating the life-giving connection between them.

So, how do you create a tree of life brelfie?
Any mom can create a #treeoflife masterpiece by simply downloading the free application PicsArt from any app store. Then take a pic of yourself breastfeeding your baby. Once you have taken the perfect brelfie, upload it to PicsArt, then choose the tree of life image that you want to insert into your picture and position it on the image. Add in any other effects you like, such as a filter. Finally, click and wait for the app to generate your #treeoflife brelfie. You can then share this image across your social media platforms and celebrate the joy of new life.

It’s no wonder this trend is on the up – #treeoflife selfies are a great way to celebrate the physical bond between mother and child. So, what are you waiting for? Get your camera out, snap a picture of you and your baby, and start creating your #treeoflife masterpiece.

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