Little White Lies

by | Mar 14, 2016

We’ve all done it – told little white lies and made-up fibs to our children, because it can be such an effective way to get a little one to listen to you! Here we share some of the best ones our Facebook moms have used. Who knows, maybe they’ll give you some good ideas for the next time you are struggling with a defiant tot.

Nancy Pattison: …that if you don’t brush your teeth properly, the tooth fairy won’t leave you very much money – and that she pays more for nice clean teeth.

Shireen Driver Hassen: “Your toys are all sleeping now.” This is at bedtime, lol.

Denise Richards: My mom always told us the ice cream van only plays music when they have run out of ice cream. I haven’t yet told my little ones this… but I still might!

Shireen Driver Hassen“If you swallow your gum you are going to grow a gum tree in your tummy” – told to me by my mom when I was little.

Megan De Vos: I tell my 7-year-old that fish cakes are chicken and they make him strong for rugby. He loves them, but if he knew they were fish, he wouldn’t even try! And the other one is Santa is not coming this year because you can’t listen.

Cassandra Cave: My mom told us if we didn’t brush our teeth they would fall out. She said it happened to little Suzie – she kept eating sweets and didn’t brush her teeth and one by one her teeth fell out.

Fatima Moolla-Pandor: I tell my little guy that if he doesn’t wear his hat when it’s cold and windy outside, little insects will fly into his ears. I also purposely leave my dental journals lying about so that he sees the case study pics and makes sure he brushes his teeth!

Esda Dippenaar: “The toy is a bit tired.” (That is after I’ve taken the batteries out… my kid brought the batteries to be put back in, so I inserted them incorrectly so that it still wouldn’t work.)

Hetta Roberts: I told my 2-year-old who has started picking his nose, that there is a monster in his nose that’s going to bite his finger off every time he puts his finger in his nose. Haha, it works brilliantly!

Palesa Mita: Me: I don’t know why the TV is not working, maybe there is no electricity. Child: But mummy, the lights are on. Me: The lights are using the sun, and the TV is too big to use the sun. #ThinkingOnYourFeet!

Charlene Gradidge: If you eat your spinach you’ll get strong like Popeye. And that isn’t liver, it’s beef.

Hafizah Anwary: My cuz always told her son that the neighbour’s dog, Charlie, would come and get him if he didn’t eat or sleep. She said Charlie sleeps outside their window, so would know if he was misbehaving.

Melane Els: We tell the children at crèche who have started to pick their nose that there are big boogers in their nose that will bite them.

Hafizah AnwaryI remember telling my little brother that he shouldn’t be scared of school, and if he’s a good boy his teachers won’t bite.

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