How to prevent childhood obesity

Worldwide, childhood obesity is a problem, and in South Africa, in particular, this is a major concern. Registered dietician Linda Drummond tells us how you can ensure your children are not affected by this global epidemic. No parent decides that their child should be...

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Top Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

As with most things in parenting, timing is everything. Some parents are always in a hurry…But sometimes faster is not better. Physiotherapist Karen Swanepoel shares her top techniques for successful potty training. When should you start potty training your toddler?...

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Do Children Need Pets?

Yes, yes, and yes again! If at all possible, let your child have a pet. Technology means relationships with screens, but that cannot compare to sharing your life and bonding with a little ball of fur or fluff, writes Sabine Warren. “Children who grow up with pets are...

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