Pregnancy Dictionary

Whether you are trying, already expecting or have recently become a parent, you will probably want as much information as you can to help you along your journey. Here is an a to z list of useful pregnancy and baby-related terms to help you. Antenatal classes are...

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Games to play with your baby during mental growth spurts

The first year of your child’s life is an important period of learning. Dr Jo-Marie Bothma, clinical psychologist and play therapist, looks at games you can play with your baby to make the most of this time. Foetal psychology and infant mental health are still in...

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Teaching your child to value diversity

Our country is rich in diversity. Teixeira Murray gives some pointers on how to teach children to celebrate these differences and truly appreciate them. Living in South Africa is such a gift, and though we may have many challenges, we are blessed to live in a country...

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Playing favourites

Favouritism from parents towards one or more of their children is considered a parenting taboo. Clinical psychologist and play therapist Dr Jo-Marie Bothma helps you to navigate these feelings. While most parents will either not admit to any form of favouritism, for...

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