It’s my room: making a name board for your child’s bedroom

by | Jun 7, 2020

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As soon as children learn what letters are in their name and how to spell it, they love seeing their name on everything. Encourage your child to get creative with chenille stems to spell out their name for a bedroom name board.

What you will need:

  • paper
  • pencil
  • cardboard
  • bluntnose scissors
  • one white chenille stem
  • assorted brightly coloured chenille stems
  • glue
  • punch



  • Write your child’s name on the piece of paper.
  • Show them how to twist chenille stems into the shapes of the letters.
  • Glue the letters onto the cardboard.
  • Punch two holes at the top of the cardboard for the hanger.
  • Fold the white chenille stem in half to create a hanger.
  • Cut the assorted multicolour chenille stems into 3cm pieces.
  • Let your child wrap the pieces around a pencil to form fuzzy ‘beads’.
  • Allow them to thread the ‘beads’ on the white hanger stem.
  • Help them to twist each end of the hanger into the holes in the cupboard to complete the sign.