Infant massage growth and infant development

by | Jun 11, 2020

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For most parents, the first few weeks after birth can be difficult as your little one transitions from the safety of the womb to the outside world. With this transition comes many developmental milestones, from breastfeeding and formula combinations, to digestion and sleep training, leaving you flustered and exhausted as new parents. Through these changes your baby may suffer from colic, gas, congestion, constipation and other hiccups. Building up your baby’s immunity while trying to ease these hiccups can be overwhelming.

To assist and help keep these ailments at bay, Life Baby South Africa – the leaders in infant health and wellness –have introduced Infant Development Massages as part of their hydrotherapy services, to help boost your baby’s immunity. According to Life Baby founder Victoria Massia, “Prevention is better than a cure and early intervention in child development is key, which is why we highly recommend Infant massages to our moms for babies from two days old up to 36 months.” Massia says that all therapists at Life Baby are specially training by renowned infant expert Peter Walker and are certified in his Infant Development Instruction Techniques.

There are numerous benefits for babies who experience Infant Massages. These include clearing up sinus and congestion; increasing blood circulation; relaxing loose phlegm to help easier breathing; relaxing babies’ muscles; improving babies’ sleep cycle; helping to soothe teething and constipation.

Life Baby specialises in Infant Floatation, Swim Safety Aquatics and Infant Development Massage. These techniques, using warm water, help reduce pain or discomfort in infants caused by gas, colic, bloating and constipation. These methods also reduce muscular tension, growing pains, teething, discomfort and cramping in infants. At each session, Life Baby therapists educate both moms and dads on the benefits of the massages, while using the hand-crafted, organic, baby-safe, essential oil range – Pure Baby.

To further help boost the benefits of infant massages, Life Baby hosts Baby Massage and Development Instruction workshops that teach moms, dads, caregivers, nannies, etc. various techniques that combat these ailments for your little one. Baby Massage also helps parents and caregivers bond with baby, while promoting skin-to-skin contact, essential to babies’ growth and development.

Massaging your baby every day after bathtime allows you to fulfil your baby’s need for physical contact. It also gives fathers the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with baby while learning how to handle their babies with confidence. Massaging babies’ skin also opens the pores and encourages the elimination of toxins.

“Our water therapy and infant massages are also designed to accommodate our infants with special needs, and our babies in need of assistance for crawling or walking stimulation,” adds Massia. Through these sessions our babies are assisted in Swim Skill progression by learning crucial safety skills such as breathing control, holding, submersion, back float and managing in shallow water – all using a soft method to ensure baby is comfortable in the water.

Learning to love and respect the water is an important step for your child and family. As your baby transitions from life in the womb to the outside world, positive touch through massage helps them feel secure. Neonatal massage instruction significantly decreases postpartum stress. “We are proud to offer the absolute best treatments and services for your child to become water-safe correctly and consciously, which is crucial to the development of your child’s first 1001 days of life,” highlights Massia.

Boost your baby’s development and skill progression by booking an Infant Massage.