How to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Family Trip

by | Dec 7, 2021

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If you’re one of the many moms who’ve had to travel long distances with kids, you know there are just two options: Find fun ways to pass the time or listen to phrases like ‘I’m bored’ and ‘I have to use the bathroom’ for most of the trip. Shoving a tablet into your kids’ hands might seem like a simple and obvious solution, but YouTube Kids can only distract them for so long, never mind the data costs!

So, what’s the best way to keep your kids entertained when there are a couple of hours between you and your holiday destination? Here are a few tips to help keep your kids’ boredom at bay.

Make Sure There Are Plenty of Pit Stops

Let’s be honest; sitting in the same spot for extended periods isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. But the ideal pit stop should be more than just a place to refuel your car and stretch your legs – it should also be a place that offers your kid a bit of adventure. That’s where Engen Wimpy comes in. Let the kids run wild at a Wimpy Playworld and release the ridiculous amount of energy they stocked up while they were on the road.

That’s not where the fun ends. You can also order them a Kids’ Combo Meal to get a PAW Patrol collectable. They’ll get one of six boardgames or some back to school stationery goodies with every meal, and the excitement of adding to their collection is sure to keep them entertained.

Turn the Travel Time into an Adventure

Perception has a lot to do with the boredom that sometimes accompanies a lot of time on the road. That’s because the actual travelling is seen as something to do before the real fun begins. Luckily, Engen Wimpy has an exciting kid-friendly adventure for your kid to get lost in this festive season. Engen Wimpy has put together a PAW Patrol scavenger hunt for families who prefer travelling by road to their favourite destination. Keep an eye on the Wimpy SA social media profiles (@wimpy_sa on Twitter and Instagram or WimpySA on Facebook) for clues.

Give the Gadgets a Rest

Seriously, there’s only so much screen time a kid can have before they look for something else to do. If it’s possible, try to include some travel entertainment that doesn’t involve them staring at a screen for hours on end. If your kids must use a gadget, try to switch things up with something other than a video. For instance, you could turn your backseat into a photobooth. All you’d need is a cellphone and the PAW Patrol face filters. Let your kids take a few PAW-some selfies, then upload the pics on your Instagram profile with the hashtag #RoadTripRescue. Don’t forget to tag @wimpy_sa for a chance to be featured on their page!

Travelling with kids can seem like a daunting task when you consider how cranky they can get when bored. Luckily, Engen Wimpy’s got plenty of kid-friendly entertainment to help them pass the time.