How to buy maternity swimwear

by | May 19, 2020

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Finding the perfect swimsuit for your body can be a challenge especially when you are pregnant and have a tummy twice its normal size. Fortunately, Tennille Aron has discovered some great tips to help you find the perfect swimsuit for your preggie belly this season.

With spring already on its way, it is time to start preparing for the hot weather and longs days at the beach or poolside. This means finding the perfect swimsuit to show off that beautiful baby bump of yours. So, here are a few great tips to help you choose the best maternity swimsuit, and still look fabulous while lounging at the pool or on the beach.

One piece or two-piece swimsuit

Shopping for maternity swimsuits can be overwhelming for pregnant moms especially with all the different styles and colours available. Do you go with the pink one-piece or the black bikini? A good tip before going swimsuit shopping is to establish beforehand which types of swimsuits are most appealing to you and which parts of your body you are most comfortable showing off in your swimsuit. For example, if you are not comfortable showing off your baby bump, then you might want to look at choosing a stunning one-piece swimsuit. Alternatively, if the pregnancy has had a more dramatic affect on the size of your bust and you would prefer to draw less attention to the top half of your body, then you could start looking at swimsuits that have give you more coverage on your upper body such as a tankini (a two-piece swimsuit that consists of bikini bottoms with a top that is styled like a tank top). On the other hand, if you are happy placing your big beautiful baby bump on display (as many moms are), there are also some great bikini options for pregnant moms.

Lengthen your legs

When looking for a swimsuit it is important to get one that complements the shape of your legs.  If you want your legs to look longer in your swimsuit, choose a costume with high-cut leg openings.

Support is a must

It is important to ensure that whatever swimsuit you use has good bust support especially if the pregnancy has made your bust very large. Invest in a swimsuit that has a reinforced bust. Halter neck swimsuit tops with adjustable neck and back straps provide good bust support and are a great choice for pregnant moms.  One-piece swimsuits with deep v-necklines are also great for accommodating your expanding busts.

Colour me beautiful

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a bright colourful swimsuit to wear to your next pool party. Be bold and try a bright coloured costume. If you are buying a colourful swimsuit, go for one this is a solid colour instead of an array of bright colours as this can be overwhelming. Also avoid swimsuits with large, bold and complex patterns on them. Rather opt for swimming costumes with small and simple patterns. Alternatively, if you are a bit self-conscious, then choose darker colours as this can make you look slimmer. Black or navy blue swimsuits are good options if you are trying to appear slimmer.

Try a tankini

The tankini is becoming more and more popular, and is a particularly wonderful swimsuit option for pregnant moms. This type of two-piece swimsuit consists of regular bikini bottoms with a swimming top similar to the shape of a tank top and long so that it covers your belly. This style of swimwear is perfect for pregnant moms who want the freedom to wear a bikini but with more coverage than a regular bikini top would provide.

Choose the right fit

Ensuring that your swimsuit is the right fit is important because one that is too small or big can be extremely uncomfortable and you don’t want to have to keep readjusting your suit because it keeps riding up or falling down. A good-fitting swimsuit should fit your torso snuggly and should provide you with sufficient bust and tummy support (depending on the type of swimsuit you are looking at). Your swimming costume shouldn’t pinch or squeeze any part of your body but fit comfortably. If you find that any of the straps are digging into your body especially your shoulders, then the swimsuit might not be the right size for you. It is also important to make sure that the elastic on the swimsuit is tight but does not cut you, as this can be uncomfortable and even painful.

Likewise, a swimsuit should also not hang loosely on your body so that you have to keep pulling it up. If you are buying a bikini or tankini ensure that the bottoms sit below your bump in the front and are higher in the back as this will prevent them from falling down.

Invest in a good sarong

If you are more conservative with your bump, then it is a good idea to invest in a sarong or wrap to put on as soon as you emerge from the water. There are a variety of great ones of all different styles and colour that can be found both in stores and online.

Ask a friend

It always helps to take a friend or family member along with you when you go swimsuit shopping. In this way you will have someone to give you an honest opinion on how you look in the different swimsuit styles.

The secret to finding the perfect maternity swimsuit is to look for something that you feel completely comfortable in because as fashion designer Vera Wang said, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” Happy maternity swimsuit shopping!

Different types of swimsuits for preggy moms

Maternity Bikini

A two-piece costume consisting of bikini bottoms and a bikini top.

 Maternity Tankini

A two-piece costume consisting of bikini bottoms and a swimming top styled like a tank top.

 Maternity One-piece Swimsuit

An all-in-one swimsuit.

Maternity Swim Dress

An all in one costume that extends down to the upper part of your legs.