Create a gorgeous necklace

by | Jun 6, 2020

You can make a lovely necklace for yourself and your toddler using the simplest items and a little paint.

Step 1:

Get all of your supplies together.

  • Paint – you can choose to do one or two colours depending on your child, or all the paint colours you can find.
  • Paintbrushes – use bigger brushes for smaller toddlers and smaller brushes for older toddlers to help with fine motor skills.
  • Macaroni – there are a few different types on the market but for smaller toddlers try to find short macaroni with a larger hole in the middle.
  • Age appropriate scissors.

Step 2:

Paint your macaroni – allow them to use this craft to explore what happens when different colours are mixed and have fun with it.

Step 3: 

Cut the string to the correct length. Ensure that once you’ve made the necklace and tied a knot, it will still be able to fit over your or your child’s head.

Step 4:

String the macaroni onto the string and tie a tight knot at the back.

You could also make little bracelets, wrap your necklace around your arm to create a stacked bracelet effect or you can create a much longer string that you can loop over your head a few times to create a strand of necklaces.

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