Best gifts for baby’s first birthday

by | Jun 11, 2020

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Buying birthday gifts can be difficult, especially for a one-year-old. Tennille Aron has a few suggestions to inspire you to get the perfect gift for baby.

Toddler ride-ons
It doesn’t matter what shape these are, you can never go wrong when choosing to buy one of these for a one-year-old. Although they might not be able to use it right away, mom and dad can always keep it and use it as their little one gets a little bit older. The pushing action that a child will have to use to get the ride-on moving helps to build muscle tone. It also helps them develop their sense of balance and co-ordination.

Building blocks
Building blocks always make for great gifts for toddlers as they can keep them entertained for hours at a time, while still being educational. They also stimulate and improve your child’s hand-eye co-ordination and grasping abilities, and enhance their creativity since they have to think of different structures to build.

Musical toys
Whether you choose a record player or a toy xylophone, buying a musical toy for a child turning one is always a good idea. Not only will the toddler enjoy the soothing sounds of the melody to which they are naturally attracted, but music also plays a role in the development of the areas of your child’s brain that are responsible for language, social skills and gross motor development.

Reading to your baby at any age is important. It helps with speech and language development and also helps to stimulate their sense of imagination. Books with the opportunity to touch and feel different types of materials are great for one-year-olds as they are at the stage where they are developing their sense of touch. Books that contain nursery rhymes or teach children their alphabets, numbers or words are also highly recommended at this stage.

Play tents or activity mats
Playmats, play tents or tepees are fantastic gift ideas for one-year-olds. These gifts stimulate your toddler’s sense of imagination and promote free play, which is always encouraged, and can be used at various stages in your toddler’s life. Therefore, they have a longer life-span.