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Thank you for attending MamaMagic, the Baby Expo. Be sure to download the expo guide to check out all the exciting exhibitors who featured at the Joburg Winter expo. Watch this space for more info on the Joburg Winter expo.

Parents can rest easy knowing that once again MamaMagic we will be hosting the informative Huggies Experts Lounge. There are a number of outstanding individuals coming to share their indispensable expert advice at the 2017 expo, and if their talks don’t answer your unique questions you can also take advantage of a free consultation with our childcare expert, Lynne Bluff.


Registered nurse, midwife, and internationally certified childbirth educator Lynne Bluff will be available at the Huggies Experts Lounge daily to offer free one-on-one consultations*.

*subject to availability


Lynne Bluff holds a BSc Nursing degree and is a registered nurse, midwife, Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, as well as Editor of the ‘Expectant Mothers Guide’ and ‘Professional Forum’ magazines. Bluff is passionate about educating pregnant, and new moms and dads about pregnancy, birth, and parenting so as they can have the best possible experiences. She is also committed to finding and teaching on the best, evidence-based practices one of which is skin-to-skin for mom and baby at birth and the benefits thereof. She attends the latest international professional conferences as one way to stay updated in her field of expertise.

Dr. Michael Mol didn’t go for career counseling, which could explain why he’s a medical doctor, an executive TV producer and presenter, an international speaker, business consultant and a founding Director of a multi-national company called Hello Doctor. His twitter profile sheds more light on the matter: “A husband to one, father to three, friend to few, a stranger to many… but not to God.” He was also a bed-wetter.

Deidré Smith is a Registered Dietician with a special interest in infant feeding, a South African Certified Lactation Consultant, and working mom of two. She currently works for the South African Breastmilk Reserve and has a part time private practice. She spent a large part of her career working at a mother and child hospital, trying to help mothers of premature babies to successfully breastfeed. She also ran an infant feeding support group for HIV positive women. As a breastfeeding mother, who has had two very different breastfeeding journeys, she knows that breastfeeding (and especially exclusive and continued breastfeeding) is not easy, mainly due to lack of information and support and she wants to change that.

 Joanne Bradley is a qualified Advanced BabyGym Instructor and is passionate about babies, and the role a parent and caregiver plays in helping them develop well. She is a mother to three daughters and has seen the benefit of massage and sensory stimulation in their lives. Joanne qualified as an Infant Massage instructor in 2004, a BabyGym instructor in 2006, a Massage in Schools instructor in London in 2006, and as an Advanced BabyGym instructor in 2010. Joanne is also a qualified BabyGym – Play, Learn, Grow presenter. She has trained and helped qualify numerous BabyGym Instructors over the last five years for the BabyGym Institute. Joanne has also appeared on TV and has been interviewed on radio as an expert in her field. Joanne runs classes and works with a team of paediatric specialists at the Children’s Therapy Centre in Bryanston and at The Bub Hub and Company in Kyalami.

Kerry McArthur has been in the education environment for more than 18 years. Initially, she dealt with adults through product and service training, and then changed to working with children. She currently owns a school for babies to children in Grade 7, where she teaches the Grade 3’s. She is also a mom to three children aged 5, 10 and 15. Being a mom and a teacher has given her the unique insight into what you can expect from children, and how different and special each child can be.

Mia Von Scha is a Transformational Life Coach and Parenting Coach, an inspirational speaker, an author of inspirational children’s books, a mother of two beautiful girls, and a lover of life. She has been featured in numerous television, radio and magazine interviews for her alternative approach to parenting and life. Mia is trained both in traditional therapy with a BA in Psychology and a certification in Trauma Counselling and in various alternative therapies including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, life coaching, hypnotherapy, stress biofeedback, and The Demartini Method. She uses a combination of methods in her practice to assist parents in being the change they want to see in their kids.

Nadia Scrooby has a BA degree in Drama and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. In addition to interacting with her two girls, Nadia has also been working with kids for over 9 years. Along with her academic achievements, Nadia’s biggest accomplishment is becoming a mother. Becoming a mom lead her to joining BabyGym classes, and eventually becoming a BabyGym Instructor. She has great interest in Early Childhood Development and Brain Development. Nadia has a huge passion for working with mothers and their precious children.

Samantha Crompton is a midwife and SACLC lactation consultant. She teaches exercise classes for pregnant women, antenatal courses and prenatal lactation consults for pregnant moms. Samantha also does hospital visits and home visits to help moms with breastfeeding. She runs a postnatal support group for mother and babies as well as weaning to solids workshops for Speak at various CPD functions.

Sister Louise Archary has been practising as a Registered Nurse and Midwife for over a decade, with qualifications in, general nursing, psychiatry, community health and midwifery. In addition to being a proud mother of two, Sister Louise is also a childbirth educator, family wellness coach and specialist in childhood immunisations. Sister Louise is currently owner of a baby and family clinic in Fourways – Bumps & Bundles of Joy.  She also works as an independent consultant for two of the biggest hospital groups in South Africa as a pre-natal educator, clinic staff trainer and 4D sonographer.

Dr Tamara Jaye is a general practitioner with a diploma in allergology. She works in a private GP practice in Johannesburg, which has many paediatric patients. She also does allergy consulting at Milpark Allergy adjoining Milpark Hospital

Tarynn McMillan is a mother of two, and the owner of a very well- established pre-school in Sandton. She has been in Early Childhood Education for the past 24 years, and is now a qualified BabyGym Instructor who is passionate about the development of babies and children. She also loves working with and interacting with moms, dads and caregivers, and their children, and understanding their developmental needs.

Talk Topics

Hugging and being connected with your baby through skin to skin by Lynne Bluff

What is skin-to-skin and what physiologic effects does this have on both mom and baby?

Discover how skin-to-skin regulates a baby’s temperature, breathing, heart rate and how this process can affect a baby’s biome. There are nine instinctive stages that a newborn goes through at birth, in this talk learn what these stages are and what to expect from each of them. This crucial talk explores the importance of skin-to-skin and how to practically implement this process.

“To pee or not to pee” – a bedwetters conundrum by Dr Michael Mol

There are easily 4 or 5 kids in your child’s class who are wetting their bed, which means you are not alone. The secrecy and “shame” around bedwetting makes it a tough season for you and especially for your child. Most kids believe it’s a problem only they are dealing with, which creates feelings of humiliation, but with a bedwetting prevalence in South Africa of 1 in 6 children between the ages of 5 and 10, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Talk openly about it – and let them know that it’s only a season, and like every other season – it will pass. When healthcare professionals talk about bedwetting they refer to it as “nocturnal enuresis” – mostly so the child in question has no idea what the adults are talking about. It’s quite simply the unintentional passage of urine during sleep, with the emphasis on unintentional – in other words, the child has no control over his bladder, and so should NEVER be punished for wetting the bed. Listen in for more myth-busting truths about bed-wetting.

Breastfeeding 101: Challenges and tips by Samantha Crompton

In this talk learn the basics of breastfeeding.  As a mother, what should your breastfeeding expectations be? SACLC lactation consultant Samantha Crompton also gives some great tips and advice for first time mothers on how to get off to a great start when you start breastfeeding your child, and how to ensure that your breastfeeding journey is a smooth one. When and where can you get help if you are experiencing problems breastfeeding your baby? Find out more in this session.

Back to work breastfeeding by Deidré Smith

This talk offers an explanation of how it is possible to return to work and continue breastfeeding. Find out about your rights in the workplace, how to prepare yourself and baby for your return to work, how to maintain milk supply while you are at work as well as how to safely store and feed the breastmilk to your baby.

Caring for your newborn by Sister Louise Archary

Explore how to effectively care for your infant in this insightful talk. Get tips on bathing your infant, the importance of proper skin care, effective feeding, and winding/burping your newborn.  In this talk we also discuss the common challenges that a parent may face and how best to address these. The talk will also focus on how to create a routine after baby is born.

Demystifying misbehaviour by Mia Von Scha

In this talk you will learn why your children misbehave, what this behaviour really means and how to win back your child’s natural compliance (while staying calm in the process). Children are naturally cooperative. If they’re not, then something has gone awry. Join this session and explore some of the typical problems that manifest in difficult behaviour, such as labelling and expectations, meeting children’s needs and respecting their values, emotional processing, and stress, peer orientation, diet and stimulation. Mia Von Scha will then look at what can be done to address these issues and ensure that your relationship with your children leads to calm, satisfying family relationships for everyone.

Eczema by Dr Tamara Jaye

What is eczema? Who can get eczema? Learn all there is to know about eczema including the genetic link to this condition. Illness, heat, sweating and certain foods can aggravate this condition.  Find out what to avoid if your child has eczema. Finally, this session concludes with how to manage, i.e. what soaps and products to use.

The importance of touch in brain development by Joanne Bradley

Did you know … Stimulation is brain food? The skin is the largest organ in the body? A relaxed baby is easy to love, eats well, sleeps longer and develops better? Why should we be massaging and touching our babies in a positive way daily? Find out more in this interactive talk.

How does developing yours babies body, help develop their brain by Tarynn McMillan

Every instant in a baby’s life involves movement and every movement of the young infant creates new wiring in the brain. The brain’s wiring is structured through repeating the same movements and is pruned when movements are not repeated and the wiring is dissolved. Every healthy child is born with the necessary material to cope with school-related tasks, but these abilities only become effective when children move and act, explore and control, see and describe, hear and attend, as well as feel and respond. Find out more in this fascinating talk.

Forty winks for toddlers – how much sleep do they really need? by Nadia Scrooby

Every function in the body is affected by sleep. But how do you know if your toddler is getting enough sleep? Listen to Nadia Scrooby as she tells you exactly how much sleep your tot should be getting and how to ensure that he is getting that amount of sleep daily. Have all your sleep questions answered during this intriguing talk.

Toddler development and challenges by Kerry McArthur

When should you start being concerned about your toddler’s development? This talk highlights the main developmental milestones that any parent can expect from their child from the ages of 1 to 3.  Also find out the challenges that certain parents will encounter during this period and learn some strategies on how to deal with them.


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