Joburg Summer

29 November - 2 December 2018 | Ticketpro Dome

Show features

Because there is so much to see and do, we do suggest you take a bit of time to plan your visit and schedule in an extra bit of wondering time. So, together with all we have to offer and show features available, you may never want to leave!

Pampers Baby on Board Competition

MamaMagic knows the cost of having a child can be daunting, so we are giving one lucky mom the chance to WIN a complete Pregnancy Starter pack worth over R100 000! Click here for more info

MamaMagic Theatre

Make your date with Barney, proudly brought to you by Baby City, and be your child’s favourite parent by bringing them to see him perform live on stage, There are four shows daily! Come and be a part of the Magic!

Feeding rooms 
Breastfeeding and Feeding is a private, quiet time and an opportunity for mom and baby to bond. That’s why MamaMagic has set up a special area for moms where they will be able to feed their little ones in a relaxed and private environment away from the bustle of the show.

Pampers Nappy Changing Room

There will be special rooms with Pampers Nappy Changing facilities to alleviate mom’s stress. Long queues of restrooms are a thing of the past, as Pampers provide you with a convenient area for you to change your baby quickly and comfortably.

Huggies Experts Lounge

Our Experts Lounge proudly brought to you by Huggies, is designed to address the concerns of parents. The Lounge offers trusted advice from a panel of experts and is FREE for parents to attend. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Milestones Magazine at no cost! See you there. Click here to view more on each speaker.

Huggies Movers & Cruisers Zone

Let kids be kids: the Huggies Movers and Cruisers zone will be open throughout the expo, and invites you to bring your little ones to join in the fun. Let them get active in the ball pond, play with the soft play toys, or maybe make some new friends in this exciting space.

Baby City Pram Park

As a safety regulation, no prams will be allowed in, nearby or close to the Barney stage area for Barney’s performances, this is why we have dedicated a pram park area for your convenience. This is a cordoned-off area where you can park your pram securely according to a numbering system. You will be given a number, which will match your pram’s allowing for accurate and fast location of the pushchair. The area is constantly supervised and monitored by security MamaMagic team members.

New Product Awards

Each year MamaMagic, The Baby Expo run the New Product Awards to honour various companies and or individuals who source, produce, supply or invent products or services that help parents to be even better heroes in the lives of their children. This year MamaMagic, The Baby Expo will once again host our New Products Awards.

Lego Playarea

Make sure you visit the Lego®Duplo® play area. There you’ll find easy-to-build, playful learning, with big bricks for small hands. Bring your little ones and experience Lego® Duplo®, and help them to cope with early learning skills, like basic counting, identifying colours and getting to know food products. Show your little child how the world works, through fun and play.


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