MamaMagic Baby Expo Joburg

Thank you for attending MamaMagic, Baby Expo. Be sure to download the expo guide to check out all the exciting exhibitors who featured at the Joburg Summer expo. Watch this space for more info on the Joburg Summer expo.

Huggies Experts Lounge

Huggies and MamaMagic Milestones Magazine are here to ensure that all your parenting questions are answered. Come to the Huggies Experts Lounge at MamaMagic, The Baby Expo and listen to South Africa’s biggest parenting and pregnancy experts talk about important topics such as breastfeeding, baby and toddler development, and sleep. If you would prefer a one-on-one session, then take advantage of a FREE consultation with childcare expert Lynne Bluff, who will be available at the Huggies Experts Lounge.


Registered nurse, midwife and internationally certified childbirth educator Lynne Bluff will be available at the Huggies Experts Lounge daily to offer free one-on-one consultations*. *subject to availability


Lynne Bluff holds a BSc Nursing degree and is a registered nurse, midwife, Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, as well as Editor of the ‘Expectant Mothers Guide’ and ‘Professional Forum’ magazines. Bluff is passionate about educating pregnant, and new moms and dads about pregnancy, birth, and parenting so as they can have the best possible experiences. She is also committed to finding and teaching on the best, evidence-based practices one of which is skin-to-skin for mom and baby at birth and the benefits thereof. She attends the latest international professional conferences as one way to stay updated in her field of expertise.

Dr. Michael Mol didn’t go for career counseling, which could explain why he’s a medical doctor, an executive TV producer and presenter, an international speaker, business consultant and a founding Director of a multi-national company called Hello Doctor. His twitter profile sheds more light on the matter: “A husband to one, father to three, friend to few, a stranger to many… but not to God.” He was also a bed-wetter.

Anika Badenhorst is a 32-year-old Good Night Sleep consultant with a passion for helping parents struggling with sleep problems. She has two children of her own (a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old). Her 2-year-old had severe colic when she was a baby and as a result suffered from terrible sleep problems. Her struggle with her own daughter’s sleeping problems inspired her to become a sleep consultant, so that she could help other parents, who just like her were struggling with sleep problems.

Deidré Smith is a Registered Dietician with a special interest in infant feeding, a South African Certified Lactation Consultant, and working mom of two. She currently works for the South African Breastmilk Reserve and has a part time private practice. She spent a large part of her career working at a mother and child hospital, trying to help mothers of premature babies to successfully breastfeed. She also ran an infant feeding support group for HIV positive women. As a breastfeeding mother, who has had two very different breastfeeding journeys, she knows that breastfeeding (and especially exclusive and continued breastfeeding) is not easy, mainly due to lack of information and support and she wants to change that.

Donna Bland is a doula, who has been in private practice for over 16 years. She specialises in childbirth education, birth, breastfeeding counselling and general postnatal care. Bland completed a few breastfeeding courses over the years, as well as a reflexology course and most recently, a course called Evergreen Parenting.

Julie Monson is an occupational therapist with 13 years of experience working with survivors of motor vehicle accidents. She knows first-hand the devastating and lifelong consequences of not strapping children up in a car seat if you are involved in an accident. Witnessing these accidents is what started this mother of three’s obsession with car seat safety and the importance of correct installation and use of these devices. In 2016, she started a FaceBook group called Car Seat Support South Africa to create awareness of how important it is to have the right car seat for your child as well as to ensure that it is used correctly. Monson is very passionate about empowering parents with all the facts so that they can then chose the right car seat for their children.

Kerry McArthur has been in the education environment for more than 18 years. Initially, she dealt with adults through product and service training, and then changed to working with children. She currently owns a school for babies to children in Grade 7, where she teaches the Grade 3’s. She is also a mom to three children aged 5, 10 and 15. Being a mom and a teacher has given her the unique insight into what you can expect from children, and how different and special each child can be.

Lizette Botha completed her studies in Human Movement Science at the University of Pretoria in 1989. After leaving university, Botha went on to become a swimming teacher and has been one ever since. Over her career, she has taught more than 8 000 babies to be water safe and just over 16 000 toddlers to swim. She opened her first swimming academy in 1993 in Nelspruit and ran it successfully for 17 years. Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy in Pretoria is the second swim school that Botha has successfully opened. She is also a member of Swimming South Africa, Les Bébés Amphibies International (Switzerland) and a founding member of Amphibies Babies Africa, together with Jean Fouace, the father’ of baby floating in the world. She also serves as Project Manager for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation (South Africa) and is a Member of Tuks Swim Coaches Association and Northern Tigers Swimming (NTS).

Samantha Crompton is a midwife and SACLC lactation consultant. She teaches exercise classes for pregnant women, antenatal courses and prenatal lactation consults for pregnant moms. Samantha also does hospital visits and home visits to help moms with breastfeeding. She runs a postnatal support group for mother and babies as well as weaning to solids workshops for Speak at various CPD functions.

Talk Topics

Hugging and being connected with your baby through skin to skin

What is skin-to-skin and what physiologic effects does this have on both mom and baby? Discover how skin-to-skin regulates a baby’s temperature, breathing, heart rate and how this process can affect a baby’s biome. There are nine instinctive stages that a newborn goes through at birth, in this talk learn what these stages are and what to expect from each of them. This crucial talk explores the importance of skin-to-skin and how to practically implement this process.

“To pee or not to pee” – a bedwetters conundrum

There are easily 4 or 5 kids in your child’s class who are wetting their bed, which means you are not alone. The secrecy and “shame” around bedwetting makes it a tough season for you and especially for your child. Most kids believe it’s a problem only they are dealing with, which creates feelings of humiliation, but with a bedwetting prevalence in South Africa of 1 in 6 children between the ages of 5 and 10, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Talk openly about it – and let them know that it’s only a season, and like every other season – it will pass. When healthcare professionals talk about bedwetting they refer to it as “nocturnal enuresis” – mostly so the child in question has no idea what the adults are talking about. It’s quite simply the unintentional passage of urine during sleep, with the emphasis on unintentional – in other words, the child has no control over his bladder, and so should NEVER be punished for wetting the bed. Listen in for more myth-busting truths about bed-wetting.

Breastfeeding basics: No crying over spilt milk

In this talk learn the basics of breastfeeding.  As a mother, what should your breastfeeding expectations be? SACLC lactation consultant Samantha Crompton also gives some great tips and advice for first time mothers on how to get off to a great start when you start breastfeeding your child, and how to ensure that your breastfeeding journey is a smooth one. When and where can you get help if you are experiencing problems breastfeeding your baby? Find out more in this session.

Back to work breastfeeding

This talk offers an explanation of how it is possible to return to work and continue breastfeeding. Find out about your rights in the workplace, how to prepare yourself and baby for your return to work, how to maintain milk supply while you are at work as well as how to safely store and feed the breastmilk to your baby.

Nurturing your newborn

Explore how to effectively care for your infant in this insightful talk. Get tips on bathing your infant, the importance of proper skin care, effective feeding, and winding/burping your newborn.  In this talk we also discuss the common challenges that a parent may face and how best to address these. The talk will also focus on how to create a routine after baby is born.

The building blocks for good sleep

In this talk, parents will learn how to look at sleep holistically and to use the 6 building blocks of sleep to help their children sleep better. Understanding how sleep works scientifically can also help parents set realistic sleep expectations for their children as well as identify possible problems with their child’s sleep routine. Our sleep consultant will also discuss what elements you should have to make your night time environment conducive to sleep.

How to choose the best car seat for your child

Learn the importance of choosing the correct car seat for your child’s age/weight and height in this fantastic talk. Beyond this, for the safety of your child, it is also important to ensure that you have installed your seat correctly and that you strap your little one in correctly. Get some great tips from our expert during this 20-minute talk and have all your car seat safety questions answered so that you can rest assured that your child is safely strapped in as you travel from one destination to another.

Swim before you walk – Infants and their ability to float

Babies are natural water lovers and are easily attracted to the magic of water. Their little bodies have got a similar density to water, enabling them to float on the water in a natural way without drowning. This talk will cover a unique self-rescue water safety method for infants that was discovered in 1967. The method is developed around the natural ability of an infant and toddler to float, and the instinctive closure of their respiratory tracts when they fall into the water. Our swimming expert will also inform you about the potential dangers of water and provide some quick tips on how to prevent an unnecessary drowning incident.

Love languages for your children

Just as we all have a spoken language we feel comfortable with, we also have a love language that resonates best with us. This love language is the way that we feel the most loved, the most appreciated and the way that we naturally express love towards people around us. Do you like things being done for you or do you prefer someone telling you how amazing you are? Learn more about what these languages are and how you can identify them in your own children in this talk. In this way, you can understand exactly how to better communicate with your children in their love languages.





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