MamaMagic Baby Expo Joburg

Thank you for attending MamaMagic, Baby Expo. Be sure to download the expo guide to check out all the exciting exhibitors who featured at the Joburg Summer expo. Watch this space for more info on the Joburg Summer expo.

Exhibitor Directory

Breastpumps & Beyond

Breastpumps & Beyond

Stand: N85

Breastpumps & Beyond has one key end goal; a mother and child’s ultimate satisfaction. We supply top end products to help moms through pregnancy, as well as post birth. Our range of breast pumps is provided by industry thought leaders; Medela. We are proud to be the sole distributors of this brand within South Africa.

Howelling Toys & Collectables

Stand: C30
Howelling Toys & Collectables are importers of a variety of exclusive European range of quality Toys and Plushes. For the discerning baby & child, our brands include the French-designed soft toy ranges which include Les Deglingos, Funky Garden, Les Mistinguettes and SuperZeros. In addition, we distribute the Italian range called Trudi. Make a baby smile today and visit our stand for some amazing specials or contact Vanessa 083 602 0556
Four Season Touch of Nature

Four Season Touch of Nature

Stand: F18

Take baby and toddler bathtime to a chemical FREE level! Zero sulfate, natural herbs, pH6 tested 'no tears' formula. HHA mildness replenishes and moisturises sensitive skin. Also suitable for busy moms as a cleanser and makeup remover. All-in-one Compact. Safe, Simple, Natural!!

Advanced Health

Stand: C23

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle we all need more time, more time at work, more time with our families. At Advanced Health we value TIME. We commit to getting you back to your daily activities with minimal interferences and little to no time away from the things you most value.


Stand: B36

With dozens of styles and colours to choose from, Bubblegummers has something for even the most discriminating youngster. Our colourful shoes have a distinctive chewing gum aroma, which is unique and distinguishes us from other brands. These fun shoes offer the latest fashions while providing great support for little feet.

Easy Bath & Silibaby

Stand: F15

The Easy Bath and Silibaby are proudly South African, designed to make life easier for parents. The Easy Bath is a hands-free bathing aid: baby floats safely allowing you to use both your hands when bathing baby. The Kneepal makes any kneeling activity, like bathing kids or gardening, a pleasure.
Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture Manufacturing

Stand: F22

Harvey Interiors is a family business focusing on beautiful, practical and economical furniture for real homes. All our pieces have been specifically designed for our own families and those of our family.

Fabulous Finds Boutique

Stand: N92

Fabulous finds boutique is an online boutique offering a range of beautiful quality clothing, headbands and shoes for every occasion. At our store there is something for every boy and girl.


Stand: F2

Store your baby’s life-saving umbilical cord blood stem cells with Cryosave to provide for your children’s future health, for less than R300 a month.
Cord blood is not just a bag of stem cells. Clinical trials show promising results in treating autism, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries with umbilical cord blood.

Aphrodite’s Garden

Stand: N45

We specialise in uniquely blended aromatheraputic birthing &; perineum massage oils, pulse point oils, soothing mists, perineum herbal sitz bath as well as lactation cookies & teas. Our products does NOT contain alcohol or harmful and synthetic ingredients like petroleum-based oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives or parabens. Halal & Natural.


Stand: N84

Toitus infant product range, proudly South African infant car seat covers. Toitus covers, fit all infant car seat brands. It acts as a barrier against wind, sun and all covers are water repellent. Our colourful designs are bright and playful and a must for every new little pink foot.

Ushaka Marine World

Stand: C16

For a birthday party to remember, why not spend a day full of sun and fun at uShaka Marine World! At uShaka, you’ll be spoilt for choice between three fantastic party packages. Host your child’s birthday party at uShaka Kids World, Sea World or Wet ‘n Wild.

Fab Build

Stand: N88

FABBUILD is an educational life-size building kit that stimulates creative and practical skills in kids of all ages. Structures can be decorated using different fabrics and blankets for hours of fun. FABBUILD is great to use at home, playschools, primary schools and an excellent occupational therapeutic tool in paediatric practices.
Coogee Productions

Coogee Productions

Stand: A5

We use a product called HCG that comes in the form of homeopathic drops. What this product does, is elevate the level of HCG in your system to burn all your abnormal fat. Along with the product you also follow a very detailed diet plan. Average weight loss on our program in 10 kg’s depending on how long you stay on the diet.

Finding Whimsy

An online children’s furniture and décor destination. Made with a hint of modern design, a pinch of Nordic inspiration and a scoop of whimsical ideas, we provide a well-rounded recipe for anyone who likes to create a beautiful space for their children.

Bear Baby

Stand:N60 Made from 100% bamboo, Bear Baby’s blanket has a modern design with incredible benefits: It is naturally antibacterial, has natural temperature control (thus ideal for any season), is breathable, naturally chemical free, hypoallergenic, and has anti-bacterial qualities. Once you have felt the material, you won’t want anything else.


Stand: G28
BeSafe is a world leader in child car seat safety. BeSafe has an international reputation for innovation and award-winning safety. As leaders in this field, BeSafe remain knowledge leaders and we host talks throughout the show around driving safety, anti-hijacking and finding the best possible product for your child.

Huggies® Nappy Pants

The moment your baby starts to wriggle and move, they are ready to wear Huggies® Nappy Pants. Huggies® Nappy Pants are as absorbent as regular open nappies, but are uniquely designed to fit like underwear, with an all-round breathable stretchy waistband, giving your baby freedom to move more easily.

Aloe Baby & Mommy

Stand: N46

Aloe Baby and Mommy is a brand inspired by a first time mom, who wants to share with other mothers and parents about the amazing aloe vera products, that she used during her pregnancy and postpartum. These products made pregnancy such a breeze and Aloe Baby and Mommy would love to share them with you.


Stand: Baby City

Diversicor is dedicated to bringing the most useful, innovative and desirable products that emerge from countries around the world to the South African market. Our focus is on quality, innovation and novelty.


Stand: B6

Shooshoos are not just shoes. They’re custodians of first memories, protectors of knees and toes, liberators and fun-enablers, and they are there at every stage of one of the greatest adventures your little one will know: childhood.

BabyDam Bath Divider

Stand: G35

BabyDam is a unique device that turns your adult bath into a baby’s bath. By Damming off the bath, you can decide how big you want to make the bath. Start small from new-born and “grow” the bath as baby grows, saving thousands of litres of water per year.

Swim Tots

Stand: B32

Consider swimming and pool time sorted this Summer with Swim Tots. We offer a wide range of quality, NRCS-approved, stylish swim products for babies and toddlers. This includes float-suits, float- jackets, baby wetsuit warmas for swim lessons, and reusable swim diapers and nappy covers.

Gifts & More

Stand: B37

Gifts and More SA brings you:
SwimTrainer the first NRCS approved baby swimming aid from as young as 3 Months old.
MyDesk is an ergonomic Desk & chair set that grows with your child
Bigmouth Inc, best summer ever, with their quirky floats, beach blankets, kiddies’ pools and more

Cloud Nine Nursery Essentials

Cloud Nine Nursery Essentials is a kick start for your nursery covering the basics! We offer a packaged deal where you can buy matching essentials (200 Percale cotton) – individual cot bumpers, fitted sheet, sleeping bag for baby, change mat cover, diaper caddy, lampshade and all packaged in a laundry bag.

Sheepy Time

Stand: A33

Our elegant baby linen sets are made of imported Egyptian cotton. The fibres are considered to be the best for your baby’s soft skin. Sets are embroidered with standard or customised characters to compliment every nursery. Our linen is sold in sets or individual. Visit our website at:
Eezilock, Eeziseal, Eeziiron

Eezilock, Eeziseal, Eeziiron

Stand: N31, N79 & N95
A selection of high quality kitchen appliances and accessories designed to delight any domestic goddess.
Edufun4kids Preschool

Edufun4kids Preschool

Stand: H28

We are an academic preschool located in Ruimsig, we cater from 6 weeks to Grade R. We feed in to several schools in the area for Grade 1. We are passionate about education and have qualified teachers and assistants in our small classes. We set the benchmark for academia.

SmartMax / Bristleblocks

Stand: N9
Enter and learn about the world of Magnetism with this colourful and safe magnetic construction toy range for toddlers. Smartmax stimulates hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and colour recognition whilst encouraging group play and creativity!
Smartmax is carefully designed to meet & exceed the worlds toughest safety standards, they are giant in size and non-swallowable.


Stand: N66

Rokabye manufactures modern and comfortable Handmade Fabric swings for babies/ toddlers 4 - 30 months. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. The swings are versatile, available in vibrant colours and can be used by both sensory seeking/ avoiding children. Proudly South African.

Baby Fantasy

Stand: G24

Once upon a time in Johannesburg the Gokal family set out on a journey to be a renowned one stop baby store. As we all know being great takes time. Today the Baby Fantasy store is known to be specialists in baby & children products. Being the best means having the best and that is why Baby Fantasy stocks the leading brands such asGraco, Chelino, Phillips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Snookums, Peg Perego, Maxicosi, Quiny and much more.


Family Care Children’s Books

Looking for a little Magic? Tired of boring TV? Throw your TV set away and install a lovely bookshelf on the wall. Then fill the shelves with lots of books, from Awesome Books by Family Care. “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Cerelac & Nestum

Stand: Baby City

CERELAC® gives you convenience at your fingertips – all you need to do is add water to this tasty cereal, and feed it to your baby. NESTUM is the versatile cereal that can be mixed with any baby milk*. *Use breastmilk, regular formula or a specialised formula to make baby’s cereal.


Pop. Play. Sleep. Setting up and folding away this travel cot takes just seconds. Designed to be safe and strong but still superlight, this versatile cot can be used anywhere. Wherever your journey takes you, it is always the ideal place for your baby to play or sleep.

NoseFrida® & Windi®

Stand: N3

NoseFrida and Windi® are Swedish products that solve two common problems most parents have with their babies: blocked noses and gassy tummies! They are safe, effective and hygienic, recommended from birth, and endorsed by parents and medical professionals worldwide. Say goodbye to blocked noses and gassy tummies!


Stand N75

Pikuchi –Explore this new bee for super fashionable yet affordable baby clothes. Fancy party dresses, comfortable daily wears! Or Something cool for summer – we have it all in Pure cotton, Lace, net or Teri material. To make that smile wider- we have lots of offers that will soothe your pocket.

Simply Mocktails

Stand: N32

What is a Mocktail? It’s a take on classic cocktails without the alcohol. Yes, they are 100% family friendly.
Simply Mocktails is not only alcohol free, but are fizz free and they are all iced up in slush machines providing you with a drink that will refresh your senses.

GB Pockit

GB Pockit

Stand: D36
A unique and one-of-a-kind travel system: when folded, this record breaker is the smallest and most compact buggy currently available on the market. Engineered with a simple two-step fold, the Pockit is practical, convenient and built to last.

Everli Baby

The bespoke, premium children and baby clothing design company that fuses vibrant inspiration and stylish functionality into a unique range of garments and accessories. Proudly handmade in RSA with love. Everli is more than brand, it is an experience we would love to share with you. Welcome to our playground.

Gululu SA

Stand: N46

Gululu takes you beyond the water bottle ! It's a safe, fun and interactive companion for children that encourages healthy drinking habits! Drinking water awakens a virtual pet that lives inside the bottle, engaging your child in play. Sensory technology measures your child's fluid intake and relays the information via the mobile app.

Bambi & Kids

Stand: N72
Bambi & Kids are all about unique handmade essentials for little humans. All my products are made with high quality materials, using my own designs. It includes - Nursery and kids room decor, handmade fabric dolls & pillows, pretty hair accessories (headbands and clips for every occasion), swaddle blankets, knotted pillows & bumpers.


Stand: Baby City
Karvol offers moms natural, gentle and effective relief from everyday health-related problems such as blocked noses, sinusitis cough and cold symptoms, and has done so for more than 40 years. We also cater for the whole family and are continually looking to expand our product range to suit moms’ and families’ needs.


Stand A1:
Foppapedretti is there for you from the first moment of your child’s life, to offer maximum safety and comfort. From car seats to strollers and travel systems, all our products are designed and made in Italy, helping your child grow up happy and secure in their most loved environments.

Boofo Baby

Stand: N17

Boofo baby was founded by Manuela and Antonella and our baby clothing is made with love and passion. Boofo baby is committed to the supply of quality baby clothing and accessories. Our main focus is on uniqueness of brand and design as well as always maintaining excellent quality and workmanship.
Zuru Skincare

Zuru Skincare

Stand: N43

Zuru is a skincare solution that has two range of products for all women and babies. Our products have Maringa, shea butter and avocado oil, which are good in moisturizing, hydrating and maintaining beautiful skin. Our skincare products are sold online.
National Sea Rescue Institute

National Sea Rescue Institute

Stand C16: Help the National Sea Rescue Institute save lives and stand a chance to win R50 000 every month and R100 000 annually. Please visit our stand to become part of this great cause!


Stand: G36

Kellogg's- A brand synonymous with a tasty and wholesome breakfast. From delicious household brands such as Coco Pops to premium Granola variants. Kellogg's strives to bring the best quality products to its consumers. The Kellogg's stand will sample the latest additions to the Kellogg's family, cereal bars and Vanilla Rice Krispies.

Djeco and Mombella

Stand: B29

Djeco's creative team creates toys with a spirit of freedom which leaves place for pleasure and freedom. Mombella is a high quality range of baby & toddler silicon teethers & saftey products manufactured under the strictest safety & quality controls. HEADU stimulates children's multiple intelligences by play and with entertaining teaching device

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