Where do I purchase tickets for the show?

Tickets for the shows are available either online via www.ticketpros.co.za , or alternatively show tickets are also available at the Ticketpro desk at the entrance of the Durban Expo Centre.

What time is the Barney show?

Barney will be on stage daily at 10:30 AM, 13:00 PM and 3:30PM

How do I book for a Barney show and/or do I have to buy a separate ticket for a Barney show?

While purchasing your ticket for the expo, do ensure that you book simultaneously for the Barney show (See show times). There is no additional cost for your kids to see Barney but because space in the auditoriums is limited we would advise that you book your ticket in advance in order to reserve your spot.

Please note that seat bookings will not be allowed in the auditorium.

How do I go about returning an item that I purchased from an exhibitor?

We do not allow free entry for returning of items purchased on any days at the expo. Upon purchasing anything at the expo, we advise that you keep a contact number or email address and make direct arrangements with the exhibitor for returning of goods.

How do I go about finding out if an exhibitor is at a show and where they will be situated?

There are three ways you can find out whether an exhibitor will be at the Durban expo. Firstly, by looking at the exhibitor list found either on the mamamagic.co.za website or in the Durban showguide found at the North Plaza entrance at  the Durban Exhibition Centre(DEC) . Alternatively, you can go to the Information desk, found at entrance one, to ask our friendly staff.

Do you have breastfeeding and nappy change facilities?

Yes, for your convenience there is a nappy changing area at the show that is proudly brought to you by Pampers Premium Care. We also have a private and secure breastfeeding area for all our moms.

If I have purchased a ticket online, do I have to stand in the queue?

No, once you arrive at the DEC, you just need to produce your ticket and you will be allowed entry.

When will the show specials be available?

Log onto www.mamamagic.co.za and keep your eyes glued to the Show Specials page.

Will I be allowed entry back into the venue, should I need to put some of my shopping in the car?

Yes, you will be allowed to access the venue, as long as you have your entry ticket, you may go to the securities at the exit to request a pass out.

How do I redeem my complimentary ticket &; do I still have to wait in the queue?

Yes, you will need to stand in a line. Complimentary tickets will be redeemable at the Ticketpro desk at the North Plaza entrance found at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

How do I enter the Baby on Board Competition?

Pampers Premium Care promoters are available at the main entrance with entry forms for the competition. Alternatively, one can also get the entry forms at selected gynaecologist or nursery schools near you. Click here for more info

Will there be a trolley available for my purchases?
Yes trolleys will be for hire at the expo, it cost you R350 to hire a trolley, R50 with a refundable R300*. Baby City will however have trolleys that you can use inside their store, please note that they are limited.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Do children get free entry into the MamaMagic, The Baby Expo?

Yes, each parent is allowed to bring 2 children under the age of 2 years old free of charge.

What do if I would like to exhibit at the MamaMagic, The Baby Expo?

Get in touch with our sales team at [email protected]

Where can I park for the MamaMagic Durban Expo?
Please note there will no longer be parking at the Centrum. Parking will be available at the following venues for visitors:

  • Workshop Centre (across the road)
  • ICC Basement parking
  • North Plaza Basement parking

Exhibitor parking will be available at the  South Plaza.