MamaMagic Baby Expo Durban

Thank you for attending MamaMagic, Baby Expo. Be sure to download the expo guide to check out all the exciting exhibitors who featured at the Durban expo. Watch this space for more info on the Durban 2019 expo.

Get all your parenting questions answered at the Huggies Experts Lounge. Join South Africa’s biggest pregnancy and parenting experts as they share their invaluable knowledge on everyday parenting issues like breastfeeding, baby and toddler development and sleep with you. If our talks don’t answer all your questions, then take advantage of a FREE one-on-one consultation with our childcare expert who is available in the lounge throughout the duration of the expo. Don’t forget to pick up the latest copy of Milestones Magazine at the lounge. This issue is filled with great articles to help you on your parenting journey.

Registered nurse, midwife and internationally certified childbirth educator Lynne Bluff will be available at the Huggies Experts Lounge daily to offer free one-on-one consultations*. *subject to availability

Lynne Bluff holds a BSc Nursing degree and is a registered nurse, midwife, Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, as well as Editor of the ‘Expectant Mothers Guide’ and ‘Professional Forum’ magazines. Bluff is passionate about educating pregnant, and new moms and dads about pregnancy, birth, and parenting so as they can have the best possible experiences. She is also committed to finding and teaching on the best, evidence-based practices one of which is skin-to-skin for mom and baby at birth and the benefits thereof. She attends the latest international professional conferences as one way to stay updated in her field of expertise. 

Dr Amith Keshave is a paediatric neurologist that deals specifically with patients that have epilepsy, learning disorders, behavioural disorders, autism and developmental disorders, such as children with difficulties walking or talking. Dr Keshave also started the first Spasticity Clinic to assist children with cerebral palsy to manage their spasticity. He also sits on the KZN CP Foundation Committee. He is currently based at Life Entabeni Hospital and has over 10 years of experience in paediatrics and over 4 years of experience as a paediatric neurologist.

Andi Lawless is a mom to three beautiful girls. She has been working in child development for many years and is passionate about guiding parents through their children’s early developmental stages. Lawless believes that knowledge is power and therefore she is always keen to learn new things and pass nuggets of wisdom onto other parents.

Alison Lees is a Durban-based counselling psychologist and mom. She is passionate about family mental health and well-being. She has a special interest in parent-child relations and attachment through the lifespan. She co-founded and directs the non-profit organisation, Attachment Foundation, to empower and educate individuals about the importance of attachment-based practices.

Barbara Le Grange is a childbirth educator and private nursing practitioner. She has worked with mothers and babies since she finished her degree and paediatric training. Her passion is to work with parents with young babies. She is currently running the Well Baby Clinic at Westville Hospital.  

Claire Moffatt is a registered nurse and midwife with 14 years of experience, and is currently specialising as a Lactation Consultant. After completing her Bachelor of Business in administration she decided to follow her calling for helping people and embarked on her nursing career, qualifying as a registered nurse and midwife, cum laude. She then went on to complete a post-graduate program in Neonatal ICU. After breastfeeding her own two children, Claire realised the importance of supporting new parents, especially in the area of breastfeeding. She now enjoys providing this service from a Well Baby Clinic in Durban. It is her goal to provide a space for parents to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to feel empowered during one of life’s most precious journeys.

Lindsey Watkeys is a nursing sister trained in midwifery, paediatrics and lactation. She has worked in these fields at hospitals in London (St Thomas’s Hospital, Guy’s Hospital), Cape Town (Mowbray Maternity, Red Cross Children’s Hospital) and Durban (St Augustine’s Hospital, Crompton Hospital).  Watkeys currently runs the baby clinic at the Crompton Hospital in Pinetown as well as a weekly mothers’ support group at the same clinic. She is also interested in helping new mothers adapt to motherhood and to adjust to caring for their babies when returning to work.

Zuleikha Ismail is a registered therapeutic aromatherapist, reflexologist and WOMBS doula. She is also the National Chairperson of AromaSA and KZN branch Vice Chairperson. Ismail has been in practice since 2000 and currently practices at Health Haven in Westville, Durban.


Talk Topics

Hugging and being connected with your baby through skin-to-skin

What is skin-to-skin and what physiologic effects does this have on both mom and baby? Discover how skin-to-skin regulates a baby’s temperature, breathing, heart rate and how this process can affect a baby’s biome. There are nine instinctive stages that a newborn goes through at birth, in this talk learn what these stages are and what to expect from each of them. This crucial talk explores the importance of skin-to-skin and how to practically implement this process.

Breastfeeding: Getting off to a good start

In this talk learn the basics of breastfeeding.  As a mother, why should you breastfeed your baby? Registered nurse and midwife Claire Moffatt gives some great tips and advice for first time mothers on how to get off to a great start when you start breastfeeding your child, and how to ensure that your breastfeeding journey is a smooth one.

Back to work breastfeeding

This talk will explain how to combine breastfeeding with the working day. How do you go about expressing breastmilk when you are still at work? What are the feelings and emotions that new mothers can expect upon returning to work? Learn all you need to know about how to breastfeed your baby after going back to work in this 20-minute session with our breastfeeding experts.

Dealing with toddler tantrums

It is normal for a child to experience some distress. Their distress might involve a tantrum, clinginess, crying, hurting others or things, or refusing to do things. Their immature brains are very often flooded with emotions and big feelings that they don’t yet have the capacity to process for themselves. It is an adult’s job to help calm them down, reassure them, and make sense of their feelings for them. Learn more about how to calm your toddler down when they are in distress from a counselling psychologist in this session.

 Happiest baby on the block

There are 5 things that you can do to help calm your baby down. Learn about the 5s’s that can aid in soothing your infant.  From mastering the art of swaddling to knowing which way to lay your infant down, knowing all of these tips can help you to soothe even the most restless baby. The 5 S’s work simultaneously to sooth an upset baby as quickly and efficiently as possible.

 Screen time: How much is too much?

This talk will look at what the effects of screen time is on the developing brain of a child. What are the effects of screen time on development, childhood obesity and social interactions. Paediatric neurologist Dr Amith Keshave will also give you the recommended duration of screen time per age group, so that you can better plan your family screen time.

The importance of baby massage

The benefits of massaging your baby extend throughout your child’s life and it is highly beneficial to continue massaging your baby once they can sit, crawl, roll, walk and run. In this talk, learn simple and convenient techniques and methods to keep you massaging, bonding and stimulating your baby at a time when others may have thrown in the towel.

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