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Durban Expo Guide


Barney on stage
30 August – 1 September 2019

Barney Show Times:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10:30 /13:00 / 15:30

Barney show duration: 15 minutes per show.


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In the modern age, when you can google anything, doula Donna Bland asks why you would need to attend antenatal classes. Times have changed, and the first place anyone turns to when they have any question these days, is the internet. However, when it comes to pregnancy...

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Starting solids : A food journey for baby and families

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Embarrassing toddler habits

Toddlers say the darnedest things – and usually at the worst possible time. Yashmitha Padayachee gives you some pointers on how to cope with them. “Hey, Mummy! Is this the annoying lady you told Daddy about?” she says, pointing to my boss. Hands up if you’ve been...