Soothers & pacifiers

Stand Number: Baby City

The unique, orthodontic shape of the NUK soother has an interesting story. In Germany in the early 1950s, scientists often recognised abnormalities of the mouth and teeth associated with the prolonged use of round-shaped soothers. Consequently the concept of today’s orthodontic NUK soothers was founded. Most orthodontists recommend NUK before any other brand. (Source: 2019, Qualitative Quarter Research Consultants).

Snapz & Baby JJ Designs
Stand Number: N3

Our Popular Dummy Strapz are functional, cute and designed by a mom. Choose from over 150 lovely designs. Strapz can be attached to dummies, teethers and toys. We also stock adorable BPA Free Silicone Teethers. Baby JJ Designs creates unique personalized keepsakes for all ages and any themed occasion.

Stand Number: Baby City

The Snookums range of products have been in development for over four decades and are constantly infused with new, innovative products. The brand instils values of trust, safety, affordability and practicality. A key strength of Snookums is the width of its range, while providing mothers with excellent value for money.

Stand Number: Baby City

Sudocrem has been mum’s simple, effective ally for over 80 years. We’re the very best at helping to soothe sore skin and treat nappy rash. Sudocrem is not only a nappy rash cream, it is also an excellent choice for soothing skin conditions such as acne and can also be used to calm and soothe eczema, and certain other skin conditions.