My Story

A mother’s blogging dream…

It’s 9:30 pm on a Tuesday night. The kids are sound asleep, the lunch bags have been packed, I’ve tidied the house and done a load of washing. It’s finally ME TIME… I’ll be asleep in 5…4…3…2…zzz. This is, I’m sure, the same routine for most moms – whether you work...

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Is the VBAC what’s important…?

As I enter 32 weeks of pregnancy, I am overcome with many emotions. Most of them are happy emotions and for this I am eternally grateful, as my sense of gratitude and contentment is coupled with my health and ability to still come to work every day. About three years...

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The pregnancy and birth of our little miracle

My pregnancy was normal for the most part. I had morning sickness, cravings and the tiredness that comes with any pregnancy. Things changed on December 31, 2014 when I was 31 weeks, I couldn’t feel the baby move. Everyone including my mom told me not to worry and that...

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My Journey To Motherhood

The journey to motherhood evokes similar feelings, except there is no final destination. For me this journey has changed the core of my being, shaping me into what I hope will be a better version of myself.

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What Makes Me a Proud Single Parent

Fast forward to today: that gangly, pink new-born who was placed in my arms is an adult. On the cusp of 21, beautiful, mature, a self-loving, responsible young lady with the world at her feet and a few semesters shy of her Degree. Has the journey been smooth? NO!! Has it been rewarding? Absolutely!!

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