Your heart will grow

During my first pregnancy I had more time to enjoy the experience ‒ I took pictures of my tummy as the trimesters passed, and when my daughter was born that magical time continued with monthly photos, a detailed record of her milestones, and the first year was rounded...

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What’s in Diana Hoyos’ Nappy Bag?

Q: What is currently in your nappy bag? A: Nappies, wet wipes, hand sanitiser, plastic changing mat, disposable changing mats, nappy sacks, baby jelly, alcohol-free hand and mouth wet tissues, sunscreen, one change of clothes for my baby and another one for my...

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Meet the 7de Laan Moms…

On the silverscreen, they are women on a mission but in real-life these 7de Laan actresses love being ordinary moms to their little ones. Hildegardt Whites and Quinne Brown share their journey of motherhood with us. New mother and 7de Laan actress Hildegardt Whites...

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What’s in Pabi Moloi’s Nappy Bag?

Actress and TV Host Pabi Moloi tells us what she keeps in her nappy bag when she is out and about with her little guy. 1. What is currently in your nappy bag? My nappy bag is very bare bones and basic. I have nappies, wipes, bum creme, spit up cloth and hand...

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Love is love – and that’s what my children know

Never did I expect to find love after escaping an abusive husband and returning home to my parents with two children in tow, one aged four and the other a few weeks from turning one. If anyone told me back in 2009, when I changed my life’s course to give my children a...

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Working and parenting… It’s Possible

You’ve heard the saying that everything is possible if you believe it, I’ve learnt that everything is possible if you allow it. Being a working mom; running a household, following a life’s passion and being available to your children and husband every step of the way...

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What’s in my nappy bag

Lifestyle and wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh shares what she has packed in her beautiful daughter, Bella Sky's nappy bag: 1. What is currently in your nappy bag? My bag is from Jean Kelly – locally made and absolutely gorgeous – and it comes with a change mat - A...

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In Your Infinite ‘Judging’

You might be wondering why someone who isn’t a Mom (yet) is contributing to a Mommy blog.

I might not be a Mom yet, but I want to be and I’m excited for when I am hopefully blessed with children.

I am surrounded by babies and toddlers, thanks to all my incredible friends who have become Moms. Some of them have just become first time Mom’s and some of them are navigating having 2, even 3.

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