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Best care with Bestmed: Broken Bones

Heard a snap? Sticks and stones and runs and jumps could break bones, but local medical expert, Dr Enrico, knows how to help. Take a couple of minutes as he talk through how best to care for broken bones.

Best Care with Bestmed: Pain & Fever

Getting hot? Dealing with Pain & Fever. An infant or tot in pain and with a fever is enough to leave any parent frustrated or feeling helpless. Dr Kevanya Coopoo takes the heat out of dealing with pain and fever in little ones.

Best care with Bestmed: Staying Choke

Dr Enrico Maraschin guides us through how best to create a choke-safe environment at home. With his advice and demonstrations, we can teach our little ones how to indicate they are choking and how we can help them.

Best care with Bestmed: Water Safety

Make a splash and stay water safe. Splishing and splashing about should be fun and it must always be safe. Identify “danger zones” like birdbaths, toilets and buckets of water.

Best care with Bestmed: Addressing Wounds

Wounds need care and attention, especially when little ones are involved. Dr Coopoo unpacks the different wounds and how best to care for them.

Taking the itch and irritation out of allergies

Is it a mozzie bite, just an itch or a change of season? Perhaps it’s more than a constant runny nose or itchy eyes? With insights from Dr Coopoo, allergies are a little less daunting.

Prepped for every ouchie: First aid

Best Care with Bestmed brings you useful local content from South African experts. In this quick mini-episode, we talk about all things first aid and what you need for ouchies and scratches in the event of an emergency.

Best care with Bestmed: CPR

Know your ABCs of CPR. You and your family need to know the basics of CPR. It could save a life. Medical expert, Dr Coopoo talks us through the SSS and ABC’s of CPR with some demonstrations to guide you along.

Best care with Bestmed: The headache of head injuries

What do you do when your little one has a head injury? When should you see a doctor?
In this mini episode of Best Care with Bestmed Medical Scheme, Dr Martica Alvarez talks us through taking the headache out of head injuries.

Best care with Bestmed: Such an eyesore Final

That itchy, red, scratchy eye can leave mom and little one feeling uncomfortable. Thanks to Dr Coopoo and Bestmed Medical Scheme, Best Care brings a bit of comfort with insights on how to help your little one when it comes to eyesores, conjunctivitis and more.

Best care with Bestmed: Tummy Buggin’

One type of running we don’t enjoy is a runny tummy.
Join Best Care with Bestmed Medical Scheme and Mari-Louise in conversation with Dr Coopoo with info on tummy bugs and rotavirus and how best to treat them.

Best care with Bestmed: Feeling the heat… burns

Ouch, dealing with burns is a hot topic. Dr Kevanya Coopoo talks us through dealing with burns safely.

Best care with Bestmed: Listen up! Earaches and more

Dr Alvrez gives us a little more understanding on earaches and more.

Best care with Bestmed: Something to chew on: Dentistry

Dr Londiwe Sibisi-Maboye gives us some food for thought in this episode as she chats to us about Dentistry.

Best Care with Bestmed | “Spotting” the Signs of Mumps and Measles

“Prevention is better than cure, and vaccination is key when it comes to mumps and measles.”

Best care with Bestmed: Baby Steps to Big Smiles – A Year Of Milestones

From supported standing to walking, and understanding commands to testing boundaries – when it comes to milestones, there are five domains.

Best care with Bestmed: Eczema – Itching For Solutions

Bestmed Medical Scheme is prioritising your family’s well-being by offering practical tips to soothe the itch.

Best Care with Bestmed | Navigating Milestones “Two-gether”

Embrace double the joy as we dive into the enchanting realm of twos!

Best Care with Bestmed | Breathe Easy – Managing Asthma”

Shortness of breath. Wheezing. Dry cough. Chest tightness.

Best Care with Bestmed | Little One Squirming… Get Deworming

Our host @kabello_mohale and Paediatrician, Dr @kevanyacoopoo take the squirm out of getting dewormed!

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