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Get all your parenting questions answered at the Huggies Experts Lounge. Join South Africa’s biggest pregnancy and parenting experts as they share their invaluable knowledge on everyday parenting issues like breastfeeding, baby and toddler development and sleep with you. If our talks don’t answer all your questions, then take advantage of a FREE one-on-one consultation with our childcare expert who is available in the lounge throughout the duration of the expo. Don’t forget to pick up the latest copy of Milestones Magazine at the lounge. This issue is filled with great articles to help you on your parenting journey.



Registered nurse, midwife and internationally certified childbirth educator Lynne Bluff will be available at the Huggies Experts Lounge daily to offer free one-on-one consultations*. *subject to availability



Anchen Verster is a nursing sister, registered midwife and SA certified perinatal educator. She is a mother of 4, including a beautiful set of twins. Anchen is currently based in Pretoria and runs her own childbirth education classes and baby wellness clinic.

Lynne Bluff holds a BSc Nursing degree and is a registered nurse, midwife, Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, as well as Editor of the ‘Expectant Mothers Guide’ and ‘Professional Forum’ magazines. Bluff is passionate about educating pregnant and new moms and dads about pregnancy, birth, and parenting so as they can have the best possible experiences. She is also committed to finding and teaching on the best, evidence-based practices one of which is skin-to-skin for mom and baby at birth and the benefits thereof. She attends the latest international professional conferences as one way to stay updated in her field of expertise.

Carol Mofolo is a qualified BabyGym Instructor since 2012, but has been involved with BabyGym Institute International since 2007. She is actively involved in her community where she trains nannies, teachers and teachers’ assistants to ensure that the babies and children they look after receive the best care and stimulation possible. Carol is also a mother to three children.

Charlene Armstrong is the owner of The Bub Hub & Co in Bedfordview. After attending the mom and baby classes with her own child, Charlene decided to study to become a baby massage instructor. She has since completed her training and is a registered IAIM instructor. She has a passion for teaching, guiding and supporting new and expecting mommies on their journey with their newborns. She currently teaches baby massage and stimulation group classes at the centre in Johannesburg.

Jolandi Becker is a Certified Good Night Consultant and mother of two. Jolandi has been with Good Night for two years and worked to help over 200 babies, toddlers and parents get a good night’s sleep. She was also named consultant of the year for 2015. She is passionate about helping mother’s set the foundation for great sleep and is a regular speaker at groups for moms, and antenatal classes all over Pretoria. When she is not helping other families, she is spending time with her own.

Kerry McArthur has been in the education environment for more than 18 years. Initially, she dealt with adults through product and service training, and then changed to working with children. She currently owns a school for babies to children in Grade 7, where she teaches the Grade 3’s. She is also a mom to three children aged 5, 10 and 15. Being a mom and a teacher has given her the unique insight into what you can expect from children, and how different and special each child can be.

Megan Pentz-Kluyts is a registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition (M. Nutrition). She owns her own nutrition consultancy where she consults to various clients including HiPP Organic Baby Food, First Foods, Kabrita, Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Cancer Association of South Africa. She was involved in the South African Food-Based Dietary Guidelines for the 0-7-year-old group and has published journal articles in peer-reviewed journals on these guidelines. Pentz-Kluyts was also President for the Association for Dietetics in South Africa.

Nadia Scrooby has a BA degree in Drama and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. In addition to interacting with her two girls, Nadia has also been working with kids for over 9 years. Along with her academic achievements, Nadia’s biggest accomplishment is becoming a mother. Becoming a mom lead her to joining BabyGym classes, and eventually becoming a BabyGym Instructor. She has great interest in Early Childhood Development and Brain Development and has a BabyGym practice in Springs and Heidelberg in Gauteng. Nadia has a huge passion for working with mothers and their precious children.

Petro Thamm is a certified sleep consultant and heads up Good Night – Child Sleep Consultancy. She studied BA (Marketing Communication) at the University of Johannesburg but decided to change her career path when her son was born. Her son suffered from sleep problems as a baby and trying to find a method to help him is what first sparked her passion for helping parents find effective sleep solutions for their children. She now specialises in baby and toddler sleep, and uses positive sleep solutions and cognitive behavioural therapy type treatments to help moms and dads around the country help their children sleep.

Sister Louise Archary has been practising as a Registered Nurse and Midwife for over a decade, with qualifications in general nursing, psychiatry, community health and midwifery. In addition to being a proud mother of two, Sister Louise is also a childbirth educator, family wellness coach and specialist in childhood immunisations. She is currently owner of a baby and family clinic in Fourways – Bumps & Bundles of Joy, and also works as an independent consultant for two of the biggest hospital groups in South Africa as a pre-natal educator, clinic staff trainer and 4D sonographer.

Samantha Crompton is a midwife and SACLC lactation consultant. She teaches exercise classes for pregnant women, antenatal courses and prenatal lactation consults for pregnant moms. Samantha also does hospital visits and home visits to help moms with breastfeeding. She runs a postnatal support group for mother and babies as well as weaning to solids workshops for Speak at various CPD functions.

Tarynn McMillan is a mother of two, and the owner of a very well established pre-school in Sandton. She has been in Early Childhood Education for the past 24 years, and is now a qualified BabyGym Instructor who is passionate about the development of babies and children. She also loves working with and interacting with moms, dads and caregivers, and their children, and understanding their developmental needs.

Talk Topics

Skin to skin for moms & babies at birth & beyond

What is skin-to-skin and what physiologic effects does this have on both mom and baby? Discover how skin-to-skin regulates a baby’s temperature, breathing, heart rate and how this process can affect a baby’s biome. There are nine instinctive stages that a newborn goes through at birth, in this talk learn what these stages are and what to expect from each of them. This crucial talk explores the importance of skin-to-skin and how to practically implement this process.

Everything you need to know about breastfeeding

In this talk learn the basics of breastfeeding. As a mother, what should your breastfeeding expectations be? SACLC lactation consultant Samantha Crompton also gives some great tips and advice for first time mothers on how to get off to a great start when you start breastfeeding your child, and how to ensure that your breastfeeding journey is a smooth one. When and where can you get help if you are experiencing problems breastfeeding your baby? Find out more in this session.

Good meals + Good foods = Happy family

Registered dietician Megan Pentz-Kluyts looks at the importance of preparing healthy and nutritious meals for your family. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, find out why in this intriguing talk. You can also get some helpful tips on how to make healthier food choices for your family by simply learning to understand the information of food labels.

Baby massage – stimulating the sense of touch

The sense of touch is important because the skin is baby’s largest sensory organ. Baby massage is a wonderful bonding opportunity for mom, dad and baby, and can easily become a daily routine. Touch soothes baby and has many benefits including, relaxing baby, boosting the immune system, stimulating growth hormones, creating a body map in the brain, and helping baby to feel safe and secure. Loving touch and massage even includes benefits such as preventing illness, speeding up recovery, as well as treating or relieving digestion, constipation, colic and reflux. Let’s explore one of the most amazing senses – the sense of touch – and learn how we can develop it with baby massage.

Nurturing the relationship with your partner after your baby is born

This session delves into how to cope with the change in family and relationship dynamics after baby is born. Explore the common challenges that new moms face, such as lack of sleep, ‘cabin fever’, feeling overwhelmed and being very emotional, and how to address these issues. The talk also goes deeper to discuss how to continue socialise after baby is born, and maintain healthy relationships with your partner and your friends, and family. There are also some great tips on how to create a healthy routine after becoming parents in this 30-minute talk.

How to cut unnecessary night feeds with toddlers

Toddlers do not, usually, need any nutritional support during the night in the form of milk feeds (except if they are ill). Therefore, how do you prevent the night feeds? Discover some great ways to cut out your toddler’s night feeds from a well-known South African sleep expert.

Looking after your baby’s brain development during pregnancy

Ensuring that you are eating nutritionally dense food, doing moderate exercise daily, and resting during pregnancy can help you to develop your baby’s brain in utero. In this interesting talk, discover how pregnant moms can stimulate their baby’s brain development while they are still in your tummy by doing simple things like touching and rubbing their preggie bellies to help the infant to feel safe and secure while still in their mother’s tummy.

Importance of play during the early years

The talk is intended to highlight the importance of play time for children, including structured, free and messy play. Learn how important play really is in your child’s life and how you can encourage your little one to play more. Do you know the difference between structure and free play? Let our speaker explain the difference and why both are equally important for your child’s development.

Fundamentals of sleep

Every function in the body is affected by sleep. And for a child, the risks of sleep deprivation are much more serious than simply waking up in a grumpy mood. Research shows that children with sleep disturbances have more medical problems — such as allergies, ear infections, and hearing problems. In this session discover the basic building blocks of good sleep – environment, sleep associations, routine and schedule. This talks gives parents information about how babies should fall asleep while giving helpful hints on what to avoid.

The crawling milestone: What you need to know

Learn all about the crawling milestone in this exciting talk. When can you expect your child to start crawling and how can you encourage your little one? Should you be concerned if they don’t start crawling by a specific age? Let our expert answer all your crawling questions.

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